How To Dress Up Like Kanye’s “Famous” Video For Halloween

“Well known” was, without having a doubt, one of the most controversial music videos launched in 2016. It had nudity, celebrities, and scandal. It was artsy, it was puzzling, and most importantly, it was nothing like anything Kanye West had launched in advance of.

What you could not have recognized is that it’s essentially the perfect Halloween costume. It can be funny, cozy, socially appropriate, and simple to personalize. Additional bonus: it can also be adapted into a group costume (for up to a dozen close friends) or a solo outfit. The last touch?

If you finish up at a residence party, hog the playlist and play the song on repeat.

If you end up possessing a night on the town, slip the DJ a few bucks like you very own the location — like you are renowned.

So grab your entourage, your bed sheet, and get ready to be popular with the recommendations ahead.

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