Donald Trump Inauguration Promises “Soft Sensuality” and…Caitlyn Jenner?!

“So what we’ve performed as a substitute of trying to surround him with what persons think about A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the location,” Tom continued, working with the head-scratching phrase.


But really don’t fear, there will be no bizarre grabbing throughout the proceedings. The inauguration staff has a various plan in thoughts. “It’s a considerably much more poetic cadence than acquiring a circus-like celebration that is a coronation,” Tom adds. “That’s the way this president-elect desired it.” When everybody from Elton John and Céline Dion to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ex-husband David Foster have refused delivers to complete at the non-coronation, Caitlyn Jenner will reportedly attend — and she’s in sizzling pursuit of a scorching date.