Kendall Jenner Humblebrags About Getting Matching Ferrari 488s With Kylie: ‘So Spontaneous!’

#Same. Kendall Jenner took to her app to share on Tuesday, October 25, that she and Kylie Jenner got matching Ferraris one particular “spontaneous” day. “You could have viewed Kylie’s snaps of us the two obtaining Ferraris, but the story behind it is so great — it wasn’t planned at all!” the 20-yr-previous model wrote. Ჯter I drove her Ferrari 458 for a week earlier this yr, I knew I needed one for myself.

I waited mainly because a good friend of mine advised me that the 488 (the model I have now) was coming out in a number of months. So, I stored waiting while my pal looked for a single to come to the States.” Lo and behold, Kendall shared, 19-yr-previous sister Kylie was also looking to improve her trip. What Kourtney K. Kendall J. and Additional Wore to Kanye West’s L.A. Demonstrate Kendall J. and A lot more Stars Cinch Their Designs With This Gucci Belt Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid Considerably Read Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ “When there was a model here, I went to test it out with CoreyGamble ]. Afterward, I saw Kylie and she informed me she was setting up on acquiring one, too! We imagined it was amazing that we’d each be driving them all over,” the Estພ Lauder spokeswoman gushed. “One day, I was at breakfast with my buddy and he advised me there was one particular down the street and that I had to see it. I was ultimately ready, so I bought it on the spot.

I FaceTimed Kylie, saying, ‘Look what I just received. ’ I told her to go examine out the other one, which was local.

I met her there just as she was getting it! Then we took all the cheesy snaps, lol.

It was funny that we ended up obtaining them on the similar day — due to the fact it was so spontaneous.” This isn’t the first time that Kendall has taken to her app to discuss her luxury goods. In July, the model complained about the tension of having to decorate her newly bought $six.5 million home in Los Angeles. “I have SO significantly to do!” she shared at the time. “You don’t realize all of the tiny factors when you come from a smaller sized room — like guest bathrooms, lol!”