Kendall Jenner &This Russian Model Seem Precisely Alike —See Shocking Pics

This is totally crazy! Kendall Jenner has a twin and her title is Kate Bogucharskaia.

She’s a Russian model and OMG you would not feel how considerably the two appear alike. It is certainly insane.

See pics of Kendall’s search-alike ! We by now knew that Kendall Jenner. twenty, has various sisters and a brother, but we in no way knew she had a twin too — till now!

Kate Bogucharskaia is a Russian model who is the spitting picture of the American model and we misplaced our minds when we very first saw her pics on Instagram.

Just verify them out in the gallery over and see for on your own! WE KNOW. It is straight up scary how much they resemble each other. Kendall is by now known for her iconic attractiveness and her modeling career, so of program it’s fitting that her doppelganger be a model as well! That raven hair. That olive skin. Those pink lips. The attractive brown eyes. And, of course, their slender model figures. It’s just uncanny! We wonder how Kendall would really feel about sharing her look with an individual out there.

But hey, they say everybody has a twin someplace! And OMG we wonder what the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would consider of these pics of Kate.

Would Kylie Jenner consider it’s absolutely funny? Would Kris Jenner be freaked out? Ah! It’s just so crazy. Now, we just want to discover the rest of the fam’s appear-alikes. Can you imagine one particular major group of Kardashian dopplegangers? So epic!

But, for now, we’ll settle for Kendall and Kate. So cute!