Khloe Kardashian Feuding With Rob In excess of Blac Chyna Engagement: He Will not Speak To Me

Bad Khloe Kardashian! Her brother Rob is entirely shutting her out soon after dropping the Blac Chyna engagement bombshell on his family, and she’s sick of it. Khloe Kardashian. 32, just needs Rob Kardashian. 29, to let her in, and she’s fed up with Rob making time with all people else — such as Lamar Odom. 36. Khloe is super depressed in the July 10 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. but she’s on a mission to restore her shut relationship with her brother! Khloe is jealous that Rob and Lamar are getting with each other with no her, but more than something, she’s harm that Rob hasn’t reached out to even speak. “Rob is making such an hard work to hang out with Lam, but Rob even now hasn’t witnessed me, nor will he talk to me,” Khloe fumes. “I’m annoyed by that. What do I have to do — I’m owed a conversation.” Agreed. Khloe has been by way of sufficient! “It bothers me not that he’s engaged and is acquiring a child.

but that he’s disconnected from me,” Khloe admits in a confessional. “How could I be satisfied for another person or one thing that I know nothing about? If I’m not invited to hang out or do a thing, what am I supposed to do?” So frustrating! As soon as they hang out, Lamar tries to get Rob to come about, urging him to make the first move. “ I haven’t talked to her,” Rob admits to Lamar. “Whenever I talk to her, it just prospects to crazy…her and I yelling at just about every other, not matter what.” That’s why they need to sit down and work factors out for fantastic! “You ought to talk to your sister,” Lamar says once more, and Rob agrees: “I want to hit her up. I want to speak to her.” Yes.

Lamar then brings Rob into a room with Khloe and they attempt to hug each other, but it is so weird. “This is awkward, acquiring Lamar and Rob stroll in like nothing at all has took place,” Khloe says. “Do you want to go out with Rob and Blac Chyna?”

Lamar asks her, and Khloe freaks out. “No, not Blac Chyna too,” she says angrily, and stresses that she wants a private talk with Rob.

He ultimately will get the image and agrees to do a thing, just the two of them — that’s a great begin!