Kendall Jenner Has Apparently By no means Witnessed A Coke Baggie Just before Lol Yeh Okay M8

Kendall Jenner ‘s crime, however, was not accidentally posting footage of herself cooked out her brain in a ket den in the wee hours, or anything at all of the kind.

Her crime was on the other end of the innocent-wild spectrum – she *apparently* isn’t going to know what a cocaine baggie is. Her story is now deleted, but clearly, anything posted on the web is home of the display-shotters forevermore: The cutest small ziploc baggie in the globe certainly.

Jenner ‘s supporters are split 50/50 on this one: she could be
. and not know? She’s never ever seemed like the crazy wild sister in the household, and there is no residue or powder in the bag, so there is a probability she’s by no means accomplished blow just before, we suppose. But on the other hand – she lives in Hollywood, is a leading-tier model in the fashion market, is a Kardashian. has shitloads of income, is close friends with heaps of well-known folks, and everyone understands well-known people LOOOOVE Ye Olde Rich Man’s Aspirin. & here is kendall jenner announcing to the world she does coke wait so is kendall jenner trolling or @KendallJenner hows the snow white come to feel? hahahahshshshsgshshahahahagagsghrjtjtjdhsgfndkdowhahahahshshsahahaha. Look, we dunno.

All we know is that if there’s folks who earn $50k a year who deal with to get on a bag every now and then, particularly in Australia the place it expense $300 a motherfucking gram. then there’s physically no way a Kardashian-Jenner HAS In no way Witnessed A BAGGIE OF NOSE CANDY A Muslim Advocate Wrote About Pauline Hanson & Boy Did The. 19 hours ago Kendall Jenner Has Apparently Never ever Seen A Coke Baggie Just before. 20 hours in the past Everyone’s Just Realised Indicate Girls’ Kevin G’s Babe Restrict. 18 hours in the past Not Minimal Important: Tom Hiddleston Dons An ‘I © 2014 Pedestrian Group Pty Ltd Privacy Policy Terms Of Use Feedback Delivery & Refund Policy Get in touch with About Promote Don’t Forget to Smile ) View Desktop Website