Kanye West and Adidas are taking their relationship to the next degree

Season right after season, Kanye West has designed very desirable footwear and clothing collections with Adidas. Now, the two are bolstering their partnership with a new line of Yeezy-branded footwear, equipment and clothes for all genders, and retail stores that will exclusively sell the merchandise.

Adidas is touting it as the “most important partnership ever produced amongst a non-athlete and an athletic brand,” in accordance to an announcement issued Wednesday. Plans for the “adidas + KANYE WEST” line are ambitious: an Adidas team primarily based in their Portland, Oregon headquarters will work with West to oversee all creations that will be for the two sport efficiency and life-style dress in, some of which will end up in the new co-branded stores. West told the Wall Street Journal he would like NBA and NFL players wearing his efficiency dress in for the duration of games, but no concrete strategies are in location. “These previous two years adidas and YEEZY have provided a glimpse into our potential,” West mentioned in a statement. “This partnership illustrates that anybody with a dream can dream with out limitations.” Yeezy footwear are recognized for selling out quickly and getting pricey. It truly is unclear what this new partnership signifies for the availability and value stage of the new line.

Even though there are a range of followers that are excited about the deal, a handful of are questioning what this signifies for the quality of the items after they are no longer.
The Yeezy brand lives on Exclusivity.

Mass production and retailers will destroy the demand without a doubt I consider it is only a matter of time prior to all significant division shops start off carrying the Yeezy’s. I wonder if mass creating the Yeezy line, such as permanent Yeezy merchants could water the down the demand.

If this partnership could mean far more individuals can afford to join the clique, is that a bad thing?

source mashable.com