Kylie Jenner &Tyga Get together At Very same Club —Awkward Run-In?

Oooh, boy!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been spotted partying at the exact same club — 1OAK in West Hollywood — on the quite same evening. So did they leave with each other? Kylie Jenner. 18, and Tyga. 26, are off-again, but they run in the same social circles, which tends to make it virtually impossible to avoid awkward interactions with every other. Verify out the pics of the pair at 1OAK on June 14 and discover out if they ran into every single other! Thankfully, Tyga and Kylie managed to avoid each other the complete evening. Kylie looked informal (for her) in a red t-shirt. blue wig and thigh-higher black boots. while Tyga wore a simple black t-shirt as nicely. Although they partied at the exact same club, they left in separate vehicles — they were most likely each relieved that they didn’t have a run-in! Tyga and Kylie even now “share a group of friends” — which explains how they finish up in the exact same place all the time — but “there’s not a partnership-y vibe amongst them anymore”, reports. Appears like Kylizzle and Tyga are carried out for excellent!