Kim Kardashian Reveals Her ‘Sex Rating’With Kanye West

Taking part in Kim Kardashian Reveals Her ‘Sex Rating’ With Kanye West What do you get the guy who has almost everything for his birthday? A site submit sharing details about your sex lifestyle with the whole globe! Kanye West turned 39 on Wednesday and, “considering that it really is Kanye’s birthday week,” as Kim Kardashian West writes on her internet site. she researched their astrological compatibility — like their intercourse rating based mostly on their star indications. “I did a little investigation about Libras and Geminis and discovered out they are a excellent match!” Kim said. “A single website even explained that we were one of the greatest matches in the zodiac.

We’re each air signs on the very same wavelength. SO real! We’ve had an wonderful connection appropriate from the start off.”

The 35-year-outdated reality star revealed that sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner initial received her into astrology and explained that her and Kanye’s zodiac indicators dictate they both adore “travel, surprises and communication.” As for their sexual compatibility, Kim brags, “Libra/Gemini sex gets a five-star rating simply because we’re so in tune with every single other.” Earlier this week, the Maintaining Up With the Kardashians star shared a sweet shot with her rapper hubby on Instagram and wrote, “Pleased birthday to my greatest friend!

I typically would be scared for us receiving older but as each and every yr passes I am just content we have a lot more time on this earth with each other!” “I enjoy you so significantly and hope this 12 months brings you so a lot happiness,” Kim concluded. Yeezy — who not too long ago did a tiny gushing above his wife, saying he is “crazy” about her — tried to place on a surprise show in NYC, but was forced to cancel it when thousands of supporters flooded the streets. Discover out more in the video beneath.