Kylie Jenner Unbothered by Twitter Hack and Attainable Sex Tape Leak

Kim Kardashian launched her occupation primarily based on a “leaked” intercourse tape, and it is only fitting that 1 of her sisters consider a note out of her playbook. Rumors are currently swirling that a intercourse tape of Kylie Jenner and her ex-boyfriend Tyga could be leaked in the near-potential. There have long been rumors of the alleged sex tape, and explained rumors were reignited as soon as yet again a handful of days ago right after a series of tweets from Jenner’s account brought the subject back up. But before you get excited — or throw up — it seems Jenner’s account was really hacked.

Whoever hacked Kylie Jenner’s Twitter is going crazy. While most would be horrified that this kind of inflammatory statements were produced from their account, Jenner was most concerned with the thought that a sex tape of her and Tyga was floating all around. She addressed the consumers asking for the tape’s release on Snapchat… while casually consuming pretzels. Notice how she never denies the existence of sex tape though.

Hmm… Possibly the hacker was proper all along.

The sex tape will by no means see the light of day since it is “trash.” Kim and Ray J should have set a standard the Jenner and Tyga just could neither meet nor exceed.

Jokes aside, the focus-searching for Jenner is most likely not bothered by the drama simply because it brings the focus back on herself. It was announced last week that her frenemy. Blac Chyna, will be starring in a reality demonstrate alongside her brother, Rob Kardashian. Chyna is Tyga’s ex and is also the mom to his son. She is currently engaged to Rob and is pregnant with their first child.

The most recent hacking scandal and sex tape rumor earns her a trending topic and gets her identify back on the blogs.