Tyga cavorting with new beau regardless of rumours of LEAKED intercourse tape with Kylie Jenner

It’s been a challenging week for the youngest of the clan Just yet another day in celebland, appropriate? You are going about your day, sipping some kombucha tea when all of a sudden your intercourse tape has been leaked. Effectively, that’s how Kylie Jenner is probably feeling this weekend. Reviews emerged of her and Tyga’s split final week after two many years with each other.

Both events have been witnessed with new folks, Kylie supposedly dating rapper PartyNextDoor following an Instagram snap showed them boasting matching bling.

And Tyga has been surrounded by a flurry of beauts ladies in Cannes, as well. But on Friday we uncovered that one of the specifically HAWT ladies in Tyga’s peripheral vision was Brummie lass, Demi Rose. If you do not know about her, here is why you must. Like, correct now.

The two – Tyga and Demi, that is – have been working all around Cannes with each other, apparently inseperable because their meeting.

They have even gone so far as to do a total Victoria and David circa 1999 with some matching denim.

Alas, while new adore blossoms, there is raging talk that a 30 minute sex tape clip featuring Kylie and Tyga created it on to the rapper’s internet site. It was promptly removed, but reviews suggest that some people are scouring for screengrabs of the video. Sources declare that Tyga wasn’t behind any leak, assured that he would not mess with Momager Kris, or Kanye – who has supposedly threatened him if he messes with Kylie’s image.

So what the bloody hell is going on then? Where’s the intercourse tape now? Does it even genuinely exist? And how do we move on from here?! It truly is all as well much for a Sunday. We’ll just sit back with our kombacha tea and view it all unfold.

source lifestyle.one