Why Tyga Will Never Release Kylie Jenner Sex Tape: ‘KUWTK’ Family Have Him Trapped

This no longer appears to be the situation after Kris Jenner reportedly reached out to the rapper, stressing that he owed her big time for helping him land many massive paying endorsement offers that earned the rapper millions in revenue.

Reviews allege that Tyga manufactured a great deal of funds throughout his time with Kylie, since Kris was supposedly managing his job from time to time. A single insider reveals that the momager would reach out to organizations and hook Tyga up with deals that even the Money Cash artist couldn’t think he could get. Kim Kardashian reveals Kylie Jenner & Tyga’s relationship created her “uncomfortable”: https://t.co/avH8Zx3Gzl pic.twitter.com/n0NZMfEDzd With that in mind, contemplating every thing that Kris had carried out for him, and in spite of the fact that he was dumped by Kylie, the 60-12 months-old does not want Tyga to be spiteful by hurting her daughter’s status for the basic reality that she has determined to move on. Rather, Kris has allegedly told the rapper that he must consider the substantial road soon after all, she assisted him make a good deal of money throughout his time with Kylie. Simply because of this, Kris reportedly feels like Tyga owes her household to respect their wishes in not exploiting them to the media in any way. “Kris has helped Tyga with numerous behind the scenes organization deals and assisted him secure a minor capital for a few ventures. In her mind, he owes her,” a supply reveals, stressing that Jenner would be stunned if the rapper was to go towards her wishes taking into consideration all the things she’s carried out for him. Kim Kardashian says Blac Chyna was genuinely harm when Kylie Jenner started out dating Tyga: https://t.co/lktxGuOPkh pic.twitter.com/IstMTeIwOc “She’s been talking with him about this charade and she’s specific that no tape or cell phone video of Kylie in any uncompromising predicament will see daylight.”

Kris Jenner doesn’t seem to think that Tyga is that kind of person that would try and harm the loved ones by releasing a Kylie Jenner sex tape. simply due to the fact his ex-girlfriend is now possessing a child with Kris’ son, Rob Kardashian. At the finish of the day, Tyga and the Kardashians are constantly going to be crossing paths.

Instead of ending things on undesirable terms, the mother-of-five seems to be mending the connection so that everybody stays cordial with 1 an additional.

Earlier this week, a source unveiled that Kylie Jenner had been panicking since she was convinced that Tyga nevertheless had explicit pictures and video footage on his cellphone. While she did not always think her ex-boyfriend would place them out for the world to see. the 18-year-old did dread that the rapper’s phone may possibly get hacked and consequently lead to all the private files ending up on the World wide web. All in all, it would seem as if Kris Jenner has managed to make Tyga see that he’s much better off just moving on peacefully. At the end of the day, the couple did not end their relationship on bad terms Kylie just wanted to move on simply because she desired to make her occupation a priority above a longtime relationship, realizing that she’s also younger to be so committed.