Penelope Disick Lip Syncs to Rihanna’s ‘Work,’ Kanye West: View the Video clips

Aunt Kylie has some competition! Khloé Kardashian documented her adorable niece Penelope Disick singing along to Rihanna, Jay Z and her uncle Kanye West ‘s 2009 hit, “Run This Town,” on Wednesday, May 18. Khloé, 31, posted movies on Snapchat of baby Penny regally situated in her auto seat with the Coachella flower-crown filter on her head.

The three-year-old, wearing a pink blouse, emulates her social media-adoring family members members and lip-syncs to “Run This Town.”  Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian ‘s daughter bops her head up and down in the course of a rap portion of the song, and mouths along to Rihanna’s voice. She even puts her arm up for the line, “Daily life’s a game but it’s not fair / I break the rules so I don’t care.” Penelope’s Aunt KoKo posted yet another video of the toddler singing along to RiRi and Drake ‘s newest amount 1 hit, “Operate.” The little a single and her best pal, cousin North West, have allow their adorable personalities shine by means of more than the final few weeks. Along with their popular family, the two recently visited Havana, Cuba, where they busted out their dance moves during a salsa dancing class. Each women have taken dance classes collectively — tap and ballet — for well more than a year.

In an interview earlier this month, Kourtney opened up about how a lot the kids adore their Aunt Khloé. “I truly feel like Khloé is undoubtedly the exciting, playful aunt,” Kris Jenner ‘s eldest daughter informed The New Potato. “And Kylie [Jenner] has about a million pets, so they adore to go perform with her pets. They all just deliver some thing diverse into their lives, which is good to see.”