Kanye West Tells Ellen He Would like To Be ‘The Michael Jackson of Apparel’

Kanye West stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Display” to speak about hitting Mark Zuckerberg up for income, why the lack of diversity at the Oscars bothered him and why he isn’t going to regret anything he’s tweeted. In other words, a quite common Yeezy physical appearance.

In the course of the present that airs on Thursday (May 19), DeGeneres opened by mentioning to West that his wife, Kim Kardashian, has stated her hubby should probably run his tweets by a “board of directors” prior to posting them, just in situation. “Totally not,” Kanye said when asked if that was a excellent notion, incorporating that he doesn’t wish he could take back a single tweet. “What’s the stage of considering?” he joked when Ellen asked if he ever wished he had believed out 1 of his 140-character rants for another minute. Between the other factors Kanye unveiled in the interview: He at times feels like Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness. ” It really is like you happen to be attempting to promote this bone density machine,” he explained, explaining why he hit up Facebook founder Zuckerberg up for $53 million to “help more people,” if he only had far more sources. “I have suggestions that can make the human race existence inside of our one hundred years greater. time period.” “I didn’t take the Oscars as a joke,” he said about the #oscarsowhite diversity movement at this many years Academy Awards. “It was the moment like, ‘all black actors can talk about the glass ceilings we have dealt with out in this town. You get your evening.

speak about how a lot of instances you’ve been blocked from becoming in a position to excel.'” He was coy about no matter whether the couple want more kids, but had absolutely no recollection of Ellen suggesting they title their son Saint. Passionate about his ability to modify the planet, ‘Ye also talked about how he’s in a position to make music via “sonic painting” by using his abilities of synethesia, the capacity to see sound. He called the CEO of Payless Sneakers and pitched him on doing work together. “I have to be the Michael Jackson of apparel to break open the doors of everybody that will come soon after I am gone,” he mentioned, utilizing MJ’s battle to be seen on MTV in the early 1980s as an example of crashing via barriers.

He also went ahead and named himself “Wacko Kanye” ahead of anyone else had a chance to. “I am sorry daytime television, I am sorry for the realness,” he said.

Watch the extended minimize of realness under, plus a bonus clip of ‘Ye playing an almost-secure-for-daytime game of “five 2nd Rule”:

source www.billboard.com