View Kim Kardashian’s frosty reaction as younger brother Rob finally returns to KUWTK

Rob Kardashian has finally returned to Keeping Up With The Kardashians – but not absolutely everyone appears enthusiastic to see him. In an approaching episode of the E! actuality present, his mum Kris Jenner can be noticed at his new home with his sisters Kim and Kourtney. Whilst the latter seems chuffed with her brother’s return, Kanye West’s wife isn’t going to look to be on the identical exact same wavelnegth. After spotting her sibling from across the room, the megastar isn’t going to even raise a smile. When he then attempts to greet her with a kiss, she isn’t going to enable his lips to touch her cheek, as an alternative supplying a frosty air kiss. Rob Kardashian has finally returned to Trying to keep Up With The Kardashians – but not every person seems fired up to see him Nonetheless, although speaking to the cameras afterwards, she insisted that she was pleased to see her minor brother – regardless of their feuding in excess of his fiancee Blac Chyna. “Kourtney and I want to see Rob’s new place and make him truly feel welcome,” she stated. “It makes me satisfied that he’s just feeling far better about himself. And I know that my mum is producing him truly happy. He hasn’t been like this in so long. It is so refreshing.”

In final week’s episode the E! reality present, Kris exposed she had financially assisted Rob with purchasing his new house as properly as decorating it. The news didn’t sit properly with Kim, who furiously advised her mum that he need to seem right after himself.