Kylie Jenner’s Scratches From Her Met Gala 2016 Dress

If we’re currently being sincere right here, there have been plenty of moments where we have suffered for the sake of trend: rocking unpleasant, blistery large heels.

a skirt — sans tights! — in the dead of Winter, and the list goes on. So when Kylie Jenner snapped scratches she got from her Met Gala dress along with her “purple” feet, we could totally relate.

Woman, we’ve been there and we really feel your soreness.

But before you consider the Jenner sister wasn’t a fan of her metallic Balmain look, believe yet again. She quickly followed up with a snap saying “it was worth it although,” and, thankfully, was in a position to speedily alter ahead of the afterparty. Verify out Kylie’s style-lady problem ahead, then see all the seems that graced the red carpet last night.