This Video of Kylie Jenner Obtaining Caught Taking Selfies Will Make Your Day

Okay, so we have received to admit it: we have gone to some quite elaborate measures to snap the perfect selfie, and we know we’re not the only ones.

Sometimes it is fairly the process making an attempt to uncover the correct lighting, capture an exciting background, and get the pose just so. And acquiring caught doing any of this would be pretty mortifying, considering that selfies appear ideal when they come across effortlessly cool! Well, Kylie Jenner is aware of how embarrassing it can be to get caught snapping an whole camera roll of mirror pics, since her brother Rob Kardashian got a video of her newest selfie sesh and posted it on Snapchat. Kylie appears totally spooked when she spots the camera, but this video is totally making our day because we can all identify with that response. Maintain up with Kylie Jenner in the pages of Twist by subscribing now. Makeover Dreams: Is Kylie Jenner Going Back to Blonde Hair? 💋💄Ultra Glam: Kylie Jenner Designs Her New Lip Gloss Style 💋Pucker Up: Did Francesca Capaldi Really Do the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? OMG: This Girl Seems Like a Blend of Kylie Jenner & Lucy Hale Photograph Shootin’: Kylie Jenner Debuts a Choppy Quick Hairstyle LOL: You Won’t Believe Who Wore a T-Shirt with Kylie Jenner’s Face On It Oooh: Is Kylie Jenner Coming Out With Her Personal Eye Makeup Products? 💗Heart It: Right here Are the Best 3 Instagrammers & Most-Liked Pics of Coachella 2016