Caitlyn Jenner Uses Trump Tower Girls Area, Will take a Shot at Ted Cruz

Final evening, Caitlyn Jenner posted a video of herself utilizing the women’s restroom at Trump Tower in New York. In the a single-minute clip posted to the reality star’s Facebook webpage, Jenner pretends to just stumble upon the Trump Worldwide Hotel just when she wants to pee. As Jenner explains to the camera, Trump said in an interview last week that she was welcome to use any bathroom in one of his buildings. A single within the lobby, Jenner substantially passes the men’s area, saying, “‘M,’ not anymore’” prior to entering the door marked “W.” When she emerges a 2nd later on, she remarks, “Thank you, Donald, I actually value it. That final shot at Cruz is considerable not only since he has been making use of the issue of transgender men and women employing public restrooms in an assault ad towards Trump but also simply because Jenner has previously indicated that she would assistance Cruz for president. despite his anti-LGBT views. Speaking about North Carolina’s HB2 bill, which would force men and women to use the bathroom that corresponds with their birth gender, Trump advised the Today present final week that he believes individuals should “use the bathroom that they really feel is appropriate.” Matt Lauer asked him level blank if Caitlyn Jenner “were to stroll into Trump Tower and desired to use the bathroom he would be fine with her making use of any bathroom she chooses” Trump replied, “That is appropriate.”

This is the exact same man that Jenner singled out as her preferred presidential candidate in an interview with The Advocate final month. “I like Ted Cruz.

I think he’s quite conservative and a wonderful constitutionalist and a very articulate guy,” she mentioned. “I haven’t endorsed him or anything at all like that. But I also believe, he’s an evangelical Christian, and almost certainly one of the worst ones when it comes to trans problems.”

Later on, she stated she would happily serve as his “trans ambassador.”

Now, with her new Facebook video, the most well-known Republican trans woman in America has begun to shift her allegiance to Trump.

Earlier this week, Jenner had a conversation with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof whilst standing outdoors of an all gender restroom at Brooklyn’s Academy for Young Writers. Jenner, who is registered to vote as Republican in California’s more and more-essential June main, said that Democrats are undoubtedly better than the GOP on trans troubles, but since she’s not a “one concern voter” she nevertheless plans to vote for 1 of the Republican candidates. But this time, she indicated that she is open to voting for Trump, a man who was even now referring to her as “Bruce” months following she came out as transgender. “To be trustworthy, Ted Cruz is sort of disappointing me lately, specifically the way he’s dealing with our issue,” Jenner stated.