Kylie Jenner &Blac Chyna: Did They Try To Steal Spotlight From Prince With Their Truce?

Definitely, not? Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have been frenemies a minute ago, but as soon as Prince died they grew to become the greatest of pals, apparently? WHAT. But did these two try out and steal the spotlight from Prince’s death, or was it just a coincidence they announced their friendship on the very same day he died? has the reveal! Although the globe was shocked and stunned by the loss of Prince on Apr. 21, supposed frenemies Kylie Jenner. 18, and Blac Chyna. 27, turned our world upside down by posing together for a cute snap and sealing their truce with a encounter swap on social media. But have been these two striving to steal the focus away from the “Purple Rain” legend’s death? has the answer to that query!

I imply, it seemed rather insensitive that Kylie and Blac decided to announce they’ve been pals all along when other celebs had been jumping on their Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts to pour their heartfelt tributes out about the legendary singer.

But Kylie and Blac insist they weren’t attention searching for! Well that has it, then! Although you can not assist but think they could’ve told us this sooner, appropriate? Not on the day that Prince and the music died?

Hmmm… we’re still a minor suspicious.