Self-Aware Kylie Jenner Turns Unflattering Photo Into Beautiful Shirt

Kylie Jenner has a much better sense of humor about herself than most individuals do, and if you need to have real proof of this declare, search no even more than her most current Instagram submit. The growing beauty mogul posted a photograph of herself earlier these days (April 18) sporting a shirt with her own face on it. This would be mildly humorous coming from any celebrity with a modicum of self-awareness, but the act is even higher when you take into account the certain photo emblazoned across the shirt’s front. Not only is the image a selfie, but it is a single of those super substantial definition shots that’s been contrasted to hell and back yet again, at the highest degree — creating for a deeply unflattering and, in some instances, unsettling image. Kylie does not care although, because what’s one particular mortifyingly poor photo when you have a slew of others with professional lighting, professional makeup and ideal angles to prove it’s absolutely nothing far more than a horrible shot? Daily life is also brief to care about 24/7 perfection, you know? There is a valuable lesson in all of this. Thanks, Kylie.