John Travolta NOT ‘Teaching’Caitlyn Jenner ‘How To Fly Planes,’Despite Report

According to RadarOnline. Jenner has “expanded her social circle” to include Travolta. The friendship supposedly stems from the transgender star’s “new hobby,” flying.

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “They have been hanging out very a bit and John has been flying with Caitlyn.” “Caitlyn needs to get a plane and John has been assisting her with this most recent mission exhibiting and teaching her the ropes,” claims the supposed snitch. “They have flown a handful of occasions. John is giving her suggestions on what the best planes are and how to handle turbulence.”

The website goes on to allege that the “escapades” have place Jenner “on track to get an official license.”

The tipster adds, “Caitlyn has to have a specified sum of hrs to get the pilot license, so she is placing in hrs with John. John is a master pilot, so Caitlyn lucked out with that.” Naturally, RadarOnline throws in a romance component, also, creating, “Jenner might be attracted to Travolta.” Its “source” even says of the “odd friendship” and Jenner’s attraction, “She variety of has a crush John Travolta.”