Florida Man Changes Name To Bruce Jenner, Now That Caitlyn Isn’t Using It Anymore

The identify Bruce Jenner has really taken a beating in recent years. At 1st it meant: “Eat your Wheaties and be like this man.” Then it meant: “Watch this pathetic milquetoast get humiliated by the Kardashians each and every week.” And now it signifies: “Stop deadnaming this stunning woman who has constantly been a lady and usually will be a lady, you transphobic bigot!” It is a damn shame what’s took place to the Bruce Jenner brand. But now the good old days are back! Now you can say the name Bruce Jenner with pride when far more.

Selima Hussain of the Sun-Sentinel reports on a Florida guy who has taken that mantle upon himself: This Bruce Jenner was formerly Mark Behar, an actor and bodyguard who legally had his identify changed in buy to preserve the “heterosexual roots” of Jenner’s authentic identify, according to a statement from his publicist, Tom Madden. “We’re representing Mark who is now legally Bruce so the renowned Bruce Jenner identify will return to its heterosexual roots exactly where our client believes it belongs instead of hanging about out with the likes of the Kardashians and obtaining into automobile accidents as Caitlyn,” Madden was quoted saying in a press release from TransMedia Group, the PR firm representing the former Behar. Oh yeah, that is appropriate.

The original Bruce Jenner really killed someone in a car accident, bear in mind that? Of program, given that then he’s grow to be a secular saint and has been absolved of all sins. If shifting your name from Bruce to Caitlyn tends to make you a woman, why does not changing your name from Mark Behar to Bruce Jenner make you an Olympic athlete?

Now that Caitlyn has revealed that she was never actually a man to start with, she’s no longer competent for that gold medal.

She requirements to hand it above to the actual Bruce Jenner: Hey, who are you to tell this man he’s not a globe-class decathlete? He identifies as trans-Olympian. He’s BMI-fluid. I help his transition, and so must you. Cease laughing. #NOH8

source dailycaller.com