Artist Receives $100000 to Paint Over Mural Displaying Kanye West Kissing Himself

A mural of Kanye West kissing himself has been destroyed in Australia – following the creator allegedly received a $100,000 donation from a mysterious benefactor. Then, on Saturday, he again posted to social media claiming to have offered the main package, with a photo of the greatest print painted in excess of in white.It was reported an individual claiming to be from Kanye’s management contacted Marsh final week to make the offer you, and the artist requested a lifetime provide of Kanye’s signature Yeezy Boost sneakers to sweeten the deal, The Daily Mail reported. “I’m providing an oversized print which has been painted above for $US100,000″, stated Marsh. In accordance to Marsh the print has now sold.Regional painter Scott Marsh previously provided to erase his artistic masterpiece on the wall of Chippendale’s Teggs Lane – which has given that become a throughout the world phenomenon – if Yeezy met his demands.The Australian artist was inspired by a photo of the rapper and his reality Television star wife Kim Kardashian kissing at the 2015 Grammy, which Buzzfeed memorably edited to change Kardashian with an additional Kanye in a nod to his famously uncontrollable ego.Sceptical, Marsh instead set the terms for its elimination on auction internet site 1xRun: a $one hundred,000 cost tag for a 44呀 inch print of the perform, a two-week deadline on the sale, and the guarantee that the mural would be painted in excess of inside 24 hours of acquire.He posted an picture on his Instagram webpage of the artwork getting painted over.The artist later on shared a photograph of the process of painting above the Chippendale mural, but mentioned he left Kanye’s tiny pinky in memory of the perform.